Capturing my breath~


I’ve come to this stage where I still found myself not mature enough.

They say that when you become 18th, you have all these responsibilities in your hands. Being in the legal age where we can go to jail if we commit a crime, will bring us to a sudden realization that we will stand up alone in this strange world. One step will destroy individuals’ future and One choice will change the present.

How come I still can breathe even though there are painful memories that I can not remove deep in my mind?

Time gave me answers. It is just only natural for us to breath literally. It is just only natural for humans to inhale and exhale. Inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide (science mode). Then, it is only natural for us to breathe the pain and and exhale it if the wounds and scars were healed.

It is natural for us to remember either good memories or bad memories because we are human. Do I make sense? I’m hoping your answer would be yes. πŸ˜‰

I am struggling to capture my breath because I want my mind to be filled with good and bad memories because it makes me strong and alive. It builds up my character.

Okay. Their are fresh and different types of air. All we want is fresh air around the city but it is impossible. πŸ˜‰

I just want to say that time would also make me mature every time I breathe.


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