Who are the people who love interesting things? Who are the homo sapiens who love trying new things?

Well, I am one of them.

Basketball, Filipino children games (favorite:patintero), volleyball, watching cartoons, and drawing were my favorite things to do back then.

One thing that would not change: Designing

Designing is my specialty and it is my first love.

Science projects or any projects that involve creating ideas in your mind and bring them to reality makes me proud.

Compiling all the scraps and perfect materials would help me to transform the dull object  into beauty. A thing that fits the definition of beauty.

Well, the unexpected event of my life was when I decided to study accountancy instead. Don’t get me wrong because  I started to like accountancy since it became my hardest subject. Make sure you do not belittle our course because it is also an art. An art that any artists would never understand. Numbers that would be always our model. And Friction pen is our best friend instead the artists’ paint brush.

If you are thinking that I am bitter then try to study accountancy 😉

So now I am currently a 2nd year college student and I am still a first small letter ‘accountant’. There would be a day that I would write in the “occupation” part in the paper is the first big letter ‘Accountant’. Also, holding the title of ‘CPA’ in the last part of my name.

Yes, I am dreaming.

I define dreaming as giving hope to a hard situation. Even though it is merely an illusion or part of our minds, I still believe that it give courage to the hopeless. Giving up is not in my vocabulary. My general rule: Nothing remains and nothing would change if we waste the opportunity to continue or to pursue our dreams. Regrets keep piling up like a heavy rocks in our chest if we do give up. Just accept the fact that how hopeless may the situation will be, faith prevails in the latter.

My 2nd true love was Books

They changed me to the greatest person I can be. 😉 Percy Jackson may lost his memories or fall the depths of Tartarus but he let the pages of his “Book of Fate” flipped because there is always an ending. It might be happy or sorrowful ending. And it all depends to one of the greatest authors, Rick Riordan.

Just like the stories in the novels and mangas (japanese comics), the author holds every characters fate. (And read Sarah Dessen novels 😉 ) We are on our own. We have a choice to make. Maybe our dreams come true through our choice or not. We create our own story and we must make an unforgettable one.

~So busy with my school works. Thank you for reading. *-_-